People made homophobic remarks about his son’s playhouse and this dad responded in the best way

For his son Owen’s 2nd birthday, Andrew Hook built him a homemade play kitchen that is, honestly, way cooler than our own kitchens. He bought a $20 Goodwill entertainment center and transformed it into a miniature kitchen that’s made of dreams. The best part: the oven displays electroluminescent wires that light up when Owen turns his stove on. So, basically, Hook is a really great (and artistic) parent.

After he created his son’s gift, the devoted dad decided to post a step-by-step guide on Imgur on the 14th of October (just in case other parents want to be just as awesome). Unfortunately, this post was met with homophobic comments that have since been deleted. Most of these remarks insinuated that Hook is a bad parent for giving his son a stereotypically feminine gift.

But this rad dad had something to say to the haters. “Any time we go to our local science center, or to the children’s museum, [Owen] always wants to play in the kitchen playset area. He always wants to watch us cook and likes being involved, so we thought this would be a good idea,” the dad writes. “Furthermore, if my kid wanted a barbie doll, [I] would get it for him. If that is what he wants, then that is what he wants. It’s his decision what he wants to play with. Not mine.”

This story reminds us that exploring the world is an important part of growing up. It allows young children to discover, to learn, and to figure out what they’re passionate about. Most importantly, gender roles and stereotypes definitely shouldn’t act as a roadblock when a kid is simply trying to express himself or herself.

  And many agree, sending Hook kind words of support. “I want to thank everyone for the nice comments!” the creative father writes. “My wife and I have enjoyed reading them and appreciate the support from everyone. We worked really hard on this and our son has really enjoyed playing with his new kitchen.”

Judging from the photos, Owen truly loved his birthday gift, which is why his parents now want to build him another present. “We plan on making him a toy workbench as well because he also enjoys playing with toy tools,” says Hook.

At the end of the day, we just have to say one thing: Happy Belated Birthday, Owen! We hope your new kitchen continues to bring you an infinite amount of joy!

[Images via Twitter]

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