This dad brought the wrong dog home from the groomer and didn’t notice for *far* too long

As those of us who have dogs can attest, our pets are part of our family, just like our human relatives. And our four-legged friends have personalities as different as the humans who care for them. Some are goofy, some are lazy, and some will stay by our sides no matter what. We’d like to think we’d be able to tell our dog apart from all others — which makes the story of one dad who brought the wrong dog home all the more hilarious.

Alex, a 22-year-old student living in Miami shared the now-viral video to his Twitter account on May 2nd. He wrote that his father had gone to pick up the family’s beloved  10-year-old Maltese named Nieves (Spanish for “Snow”) from a PetSmart grooming session. But when Alex’s dad returned, Alex and his brother were surprised to see a strange dog accompanying him. Apparently, there had been not one, but two Malteses getting groomed that day — and Alex’s dad had picked the wrong dog.

“According to him it was because the dog acted normal and followed him to the car and even jumped in as soon as he opened the door,” Alex told BuzzFeed, explaining the mix-up.

Alex quickly pointed out that the dog was not Nieves, and his brother backed him up. He posted a video to Twitter of  his brother laughing and asking the strange pup, “Who are you?” as the dog wandered around their living room. Alex’s video of the mix-up currently has more than 178,000 likes.

Here’s what the real Nieves looks like.

Once he realized his mistake, Alex’s dad rushed back to PetSmart to return the impostor and recover Nieves. And this time, he made sure to double-check the dog’s identity.

In the end, Nieves reunited with her family safe and sound. We’re glad that this hilarious story has a happy ending, and we can bet that Alex’s family will remember this honest mistake for years to come.

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