This dad’s viral post made an important point about diaper changing tables in men’s restrooms

A dad’s Facebook post about diaper changing tables and parenting equality is going viral for a wonderful reason.

Clint Edwards blogs about fatherhood over at “No Idea What I’m Doing: A Daddy Blog.” Edwards’ took to Facebook to write about the major “win” at his Oregon church recently.

In the Facebook post, Edwards noted that a bench in the men’s restroom recently went missing. The bench was important, because it was the only surface where dads could change diapers in the men’s restroom.

"The church I attend didn't have a changing table in the men's room. As a father with a young child I really hate when I can't change my kid. This isn't to say that I enjoy changing a squirmy poopy toddler. I don't. No one does. But I dislike placing the full burden of changing every single diaper on my wife even more. This whole parenting gig is a partnership," he wrote in the post.

Edwards went on to explain that, too often, changing tables only exist in women’s bathrooms because society expects women to bear to heaviest parenting loads – and that’s not cool for moms or dads.

"This happens a lot. Mel and I go somewhere, and there is no changing table in the men's room, so I am placed with the option of changing her on a nasty bathroom floor, or asking my wife to handle it time and time again," he wrote. "Or I'm out alone with my children, and I am left with no option to change my child outside of taking her to the parking lot. I have serious empathy for those single dads with young children who are doing this without backup."

Edwards stressed that diaper changing – and the other responsibilities of parenting – should be shared equally between men and women.

"If you are a father reading this, and you refuse to change your child and don't see this as a problem, cut the crap! You are making us all look bad."

Edwards followed up that this story has a happy ending: His church put in a changing table in the men’s bathroom, so men now have a safe and clean place to change their kids.

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