This video of a dad and his adorable new puppy is only 4 seconds long and already has us weeping

Let’s be real. Is there anything better than dads with new puppies? Yeah, we thought not. Twitter users Jason and Ali Kuentz have been sharing pics and videos of their dad’s new puppy, Ida, and it really just hit the spot this Sunday, y’know? Like, the weekend’s been pretty great (hi, it’s the weekend), but this video was definitely the highlight, hands down. Although it’s only a few seconds long, it really accomplishes a lot in that short amount of time. Seriously, let’s nominate this puppy (get it) for an Oscar.

Behold: a dad being very cute with his very cute puppy. AKA the purest thing on earth.

We’re not sure how long this dad was chased around the yard by the puppy, who, in case you missed it, is named Ida. (As in, “Ida trade my kidney for some cuddle time with this little nugget.”)

But it seems like the chase lasted for quite a while, because after the fact, puppy was BEAT.

And she totally passed out. Be still our hearts. (The only thing that could make this better is a picture of the dad cuddling the puppy. Get on that, Twitter.) false

Also worth noting that Ida is cute as a freaking button up close.


Look how small she is compared to the hand of whomever’s holding her! Aaaaaah! We really want continued coverage on the love story between Dad and Ida, but to be honest, we’re not totally sure our hearts can take it. We’re already really emotional, okay? Don’t judge us.

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