This dad texting his daughter to get over a boy is the most dad thing ever

Fathers and their teenage daughters often share a unique relationship with each other. The daughters are dealing with fluctuating hormones and dating drama, and the dads are clueless as to how to handle said fluctuating hormones and dating drama. It’s a universally felt discomfort in the lives of both parties.

But one dad of a high school junior named Daleynee, may have just mastered the art of juggling pubescent emotions. He delivered a “clapback,” as BuzzFeed News called it, via text telling his daughter to get over the boy because he’s ugly. Obvs we at HelloGiggles never support saying anything mean about other people, but this conversation is just TOO dad-ly for us to pass up a giggle.

After being on the phone with her friend for a long time, hashing out some serious boy drama, Daleynee received this “super supportive” text from her dad:

Daleynee told BuzzFeed News that she actually wasn’t crying. “I think he meant more of a stop whining,” Daleynee said, “because I was on the phone with one of my close friends for quite a while already.”

Daleynee’s tweet of the screenshotted text has garnered over 21,000 likes and 10,000 retweets.

The teen wasn’t at all surprised over her dad’s sassy diss. He’s always been a goofy guy with his four kids. “We are always playing around,” she told BuzzFeed News. “My mom gets mad at times because she thinks he can never be serious, but that’s something I love about him. There’s never a dull moment.”

Daleynee’s dad isn’t afraid to tell you how he really feels, or beat around the bush. Take this tweet from 2015, for example: false

Plus, like most dads, Daleynee’s dad tries to stay “hip.” But her dad is also young, so it’s easier for him to stay up-to-date. “He tries so hard to be hip, that’s probably the funniest thing about him,” Daleynee said. “Also the worst because I can’t get away with much since he’s so updated on everything.” false

Daleynee didn’t expect her dad’s humor would take the internet by storm. “My friends keep telling me I’m famous,” Daleynee told BuzzFeed News, “but I just think it’s funny.”

Same here, Daleynee. Same here.

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