This dad taught his baby to clean the house — but there’s one chore she won’t do

We may have just found our legit favorite new YouTube Channel. Youtuber How To Dad, along with the help from his adorable daughter Alba, puts out some of the most adorable hilarious videos we’ve ever seen. From showing you all the ways to put together a baby’s cot (with Alba’s help of course) to giving “instructions” to teach a baby to catch a ball, this good-humored dad has found a perfect way of making is bonding time with his daughter something entertaining for people all around the world.

And his latest masterpiece video, titled “HOW TO TEACH A BABY TO CLEAN THE HOUSE” is his (and Alba’s) best work yet. His one instruction at the beginning of the video is simply, “Basically they’re just babies. They’ll do anything. So you just ask them to do it.” The he shrugs and asks his daughter to start doing various household chores. And she adorably obliges.

From doing the dishes…


To vacuuming the carpet…


There’s nothing his sweet little girl won’t do. She even takes out the trash (or the “rubbish” as he says in his totally charming accent)…


And rakes the yard (even though she needs a little help since the rake is like three times her size).


Until he asks her to clean the toilet. That’s where she draws the line.


And we can’t blame her. She’s basically cleaned every inch of their house at this point at this point and has for sure earned a little break or a juice box. Watch the whole thing for these totally charming tasks and several more that will for sure make you LOL at its cuteness.

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