This is the MOST dad response to a new tattoo

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of getting a tattoo isn’t even the process of getting it (though needles are terrifying and the pain seems unbearable). It’s how your friends and family are going to respond when you reveal your new ink.

You can only hope that they accept your new permanent marking as part of you and therefore love it like they love you. Or, in some cases, make fun of it as much as they make fun of you (even if they obviously still love you). At least that’s what happened to Marie Venezia when her father discovered her new tattoo.

According to BuzzFeed, Venezia’s father wasn’t too happy at first about the small knife she had artistically drawn onto her wrist. Then, in true Dad-fashion, he just accepted it and (of course) started poking fun at it. He adorned himself with some real-life cutlery and began hilariously posing for her.

Marie shared the tweet and it got a huge response because almost everyone can identify with this Dad joke. false

People everywhere started retweeting it, cracking up how Venezia’s dad just became basically the quintessential father we all at some point have experienced. false false

Some people were even taking it to the next level by adding their own Dad jokes into the mix in response to it. false

Basically, Marie’s dad is all our dad’s and we love her and him (and the sweet tattoo that inspired it all) for it.