This dad recreates his daughter’s “sexy” selfies, and the results are comedic gold

Dads love to troll their kids. It’s a thing. No one knows why. Do they all come with a gene that makes them especially good at mercilessly making fun of us? While it can be a bit annoying sometimes when it’s directed at you (eyerolling became an art, are we right?), it can be pretty hilarious when you’re watching it from the outside — e.g. Batdad. Well, one dad from Washington is taking spawn-trolling to a whole new level. What’s he up to? He’s re-creating his daughter’s sexy selfies and posting them on his own Instagram. And it’s amazing.



He’s been doing this for quite some time now, but it hasn’t gotten any less funny. His daughter, Cassie, has embraced her dad’s trolling like a champ. She re-posts the selfies herself and the two are even giving seminars now on going viral!

She’s also trolling her dad’s selfies.


How did it start? “I did it because she posted something and the guys in the comment section were too much,” Martin told CNN last year. “So to put water on the fire, I posted one like it and said, ‘What about me, guys?’ and that did it.” Hahaha.

What was her response? “She rolled her eyes at first, but once she saw her friends thought it was funny, she was OK with it. I enjoy making people laugh.” Lol. Classic! Hats off to this daughter for rolling with it.

Dad Chris “Burr” Martin now has 140k followers! We, like everyone else, are loving it. We hope to see more of these!

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