A dad hilariously trolled his daughter’s marriage proposal with a “Say No” sign, and now he’s a Twitter celebrity

If ever there was a warning sign against public marriage proposals, it would be this story about a boy, a girl, and a dad who thinks he’s real funny. This week, a Nevada father earned his 15 minutes of social media fame when he hilariously trolled his daughter during her marriage proposal. But don’t worry — there was a happy ending!

After two years of dating, Levi Bliss was ready to propose to his girlfriend Allison Barron of Winnemucca, Nevada. He got both sets of parents in on the proposal plan. He took Barron for a drive, then pulled over at the bottom of a deserted nearby hill. Bliss got down on one knee and popped the question. And then, Barron’s dad showed up.

Jake Barron appeared at the top of the hill with a sign that read, “Say No.” He was kidding, of course (or so his daughter says). “It was a funny surprise for both of us,” Allison told People of the proposal. “My dad was completely joking with the sign, and he really likes Levi!”

This is definitely an A+ prank. Especially since Allison’s sister Ashlee caught the whole thing on camera.

When Allison posted the photos on Twitter, her dad became an instant meme.


People also Photoshopped the sign with other phrases for comedic effect.


But all’s well that ends well in this love story. Allison posted a photo on Instagram of her sparkly new engagement ring.

And she swears that her dad really does like her fiancé.

We can’t wait to see what pranks Dad has in store for the wedding.

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