Slow clap for this dad who stood up for his daughter

There’s an ancient dad saying that goes, “Whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you.” Usually, when a father says this to his daughter’s beau, it translates to, “If you hurt my daughter, I will hurt you right back.” You know, standard dad threat.

But one hilarious dad took this age-old concept to a whole new level. An Imgur user named Bowersj shared two school dance photos side-by-side, and one, erm, stood out from the other. The left photo shows a young couple, about high school age, standing in a stereotypical prom pose, with the dude looping his arms around his date from behind. They’re sporting a matching corsage and boutonniere flower set and are positioned in front of what appears to be a cornfield, creating a cute fall aura. It’s all very cute.

In the right photo, the young lady’s father is staying to true to his word: “Whatever you do to my daughter, I will do to you.” Literally!

This facetiously overprotective dad recreated his daughter’s pre-dance photo, only he took her date’s place. The teenage boy definitely seems in on the joke because it’s apparent he couldn’t keep a straight face through the photo-shoot.

Check it out:

*Slow … clap*

Wow. Now that is some serious dad-ing.

This photo is hysterical, but one has to wonder how far this dad will take his promise. Ten years from now, will we be seeing photos of this girl on her wedding day with her dear ol’ dad posing with the groom? Honestly, that would be wonderful. I really hope that happens.

Because, after all, isn’t dad-induced embarrassment the best kind of embarrassment?

(Images via here and here.)