These two comedians want to bring dad poems to your coffee table

What’s better than dad jokes? Dad poems. They’re real and they’re coming to your coffee table thanks to comedians Sam Reece and Mark Vigeant, whose Kickstarter has surpassed its $850 goal, currently sitting in the thousands and well on its way to securing some awesome reach goals, like hardcover copies, prints, and even actual coffee tables.

The description is written by the comedians’ two characters, Ralph Dobis and Zeke Anderson, both dads, of course. Using typical dad colloquialisms, it reads:

The perks are equally as hilarious. While of course backers receive copies of the books, those who donate $61 will be invited to bring their dads to a special Brooklyn barbeque happening this spring, and if the Kickstarter reaches $1,000,000, those who donate $21 or higher will also get their very own coffee table.

Obviously, that goal is pretty high, so we’re not sure we’ll actually be receiving that perk anytime soon. However, one thing is for certain: this book sounds hilarious, and we need it in our lives ASAP. Get the details over on Kickstarter!

(Image via Kickstarter)

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