This dad is photoshopping his daughter into super dangerous situations for the best reason

Parenting is stressful, but it can also be the basis for some of the best comedy imaginable. Take, for instance, this brilliant (and super technologically skilled) dad who photoshops his daughter into dangerous situations.

Stephen Crowley’s Instagram has become the place to be for people who can appreciate a good photoshop job and for those who find kids in precarious predicaments flat-out hilarious. Crowley (a Dublin-based product designer, according to Babble) is a hobby photographer who loves taking photos of his 19-month-old daughter, Hannah. There are standard adorable baby photos of little Hannah throughout Crowley’s Instagram, but mixed in every so often there are pictures of the baby girl casually facing imminent (but fake, obvi) danger.

Hannah has done everything from sitting calmly on a lakeside ledge to taking over driving duty for her dad on a busy highway…

…to helping out in the kitchen, and exploring the ~other~ side of the bannister.

Crowley even threw in some seasonally inspired Christmas-themed photoshops. A personal favorite is the one of Hannah climbing into the attic, which honestly doesn’t even look fake at all.

There’s been no shortage of funny baby photos that go viral just because of how flat-out adorable they are. But in this case, there’s an even better reason for the popularity of Hannah’s pics — her dad is using the media attention his skilled photoshops have been getting to raise awareness for hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (or HLH) and for the bone marrow donation registry.

HLH is a rare immune disorder that little Hannah suffers from, which causes the immune system to begin attacking the body’s own organs. Once Hannah was allowed out of the hospital after birth, Crowley thought it would be funny to jokingly worry his friends and family about something other than his little girl’s fragile health. That’s how the photoshopping idea was born.

Eventually, Hannah matched with a bone marrow donor and is on her way to recovery.

"An anonymous donor has given us a lifetime of smiles and happiness through the selfless act of donating their stem cells," Crowley told Babble of his daughter's newfound health. "I would hope the images bring a smile to people’s faces and show them they too could possibly offer the same to another family out there."

We love that this story has a happy ending, and that this instance of cute-baby-photo-going-viral was for a uniquely great cause. Find out more information about bone marrow donation at Be the Match.

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