Meet the awesome dad behind the #MoreThanCute campaign

We’re loving John Marcotte, founder of and all-around awesome dad who is changing the Halloween game for girls.

Like most kids, John’s daughters, Anya and Stella, love Halloween. (Because what’s not to love about dressing up and eating candy, amirite?) But when he took his elementary school-aged daughters shopping for costumes this year, John couldn’t help noticing a big difference between the costumes marketed for boys and those aimed toward girls. Namely, the variety. For the most part, girls had two options. They could either be princesses or fairies. Whatever they chose, it was sure to be pink, fluffy and cute. A quick glance at the boys’ costumes told a completely different story. Boys could be anything—super heroes, sports stars, ninjas, firemen, policemen…you get the point.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with cute. We LOVE cute around here. But as John told Buzzfeed, “Boys are given a full range of costumes that tell them they can be anything they want – heroic, brilliant, or scary. Meanwhile, the girls’ costume aisles are usually fairies and princesses, and [this] tells them that the only thing society values about them is their appearance.”

He’s got a good point. The costume sitch extends all the way into adulthood. If a woman dresses up for Halloween, she’s expected to go the “sexy” route. Scary/funny costumes from women are often met with pushback. We all remember that scene from ‘Mean Girls’ when Lindsay Lohan didn’t get the ‘sexy animal’ girl costume memo and showed up as a hilarious/terrifying “ex-wife.”

John would like to see things change, and not just for his daughters. Under the hashtag #morethancute, he’s started a social media campaign to let girls and their parents know that they can be just that—more than cute. “I am the father of two little girls, and nothing makes you a more active feminist than wanting them to have the type of limitless opportunities they deserve,” he says. Cue our massive applause!!!

A quick look at Twitter shows that the response to the campaign has been sensational:

This amazing dad, the love he has for his daughters and his message of empowerment is giving us all the heart eyes.

Happy Halloween, Anya and Stella! We can’t wait to see your costumes. Whatever you choose to be, we know you’ll rock because you’re #morethancute.


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