This brand new dad missed his child’s birth thanks to the now-suspended Muslim ban

The political climate we are currently in has a lot of people feeling anxious. And some of the major decisions recently made have greatly affected a lot of families. And that includes new families, like this brand new dad who missed his child’s birth because of the now-suspended Muslim ban.

Rachel Adrian, a Missouri nurse, delivered her son without the presence of her husband, Hoger Ameen. Hoger watched his son being born over Skype. He was stuck overseas because of Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. The couple met three years ago when Adrian moved to Iraq to do relief work.

 Though President Trump and his cabinet went on record saying this ban was not actually a ban, many people were greatly affected by his actions. And, this family is just one of hundreds that were effected.

This dad wasn’t able to be there when his son, Aland, was born.

According to People, Hoger Ameen shared a special message with his son.

He said, “I have a message for my son: Aland, I am so sorry I can’t visit you right now and hold you like other daddies. When you grow up you will understand that because of political problems I couldn’t be there for your birth. Be strong, I’m sorry and I love you.

These major federal issues affect people on a very personal level. It’s inspiring to see so many people continue to protest discriminatory policies. Hopefully, this dad can be there for his son for all the special moments in the future.