Today in feels: Dad gets a tattoo to match his daughter’s cochlear implant

Charlotte Campbell, a six-year-old from New Zealand, has two cochlear implant that help her hearing. And to show support, her dad Alistair did the sweetest, raddest thing that warrants ALL the AWWWWs. He got a tattoo of a cochlear implant on his head to match his daughter’s. We’re not crying! You’re crying!

Charlotte got her first implant two years ago, when her parents discovered that she’s deaf in her left ear, and has a condition that limits her brain’s ability to process sound in the right. She just had her second implant put in when Alistair decided that he’d get one, too —so she doesn’t feel different. Alistair, who has no other tattoos, had his head shaved to get the ink. “[I did it for] my love for her, really,” he told the New Zealand Herald. “Hey, my hair can grow back.” Yep, best dad ever.

Now, are you ready for this super awesome tattoo? Because seriously, you might wanna sit down.

When Charlotte saw her dad’s new ink, she giggled, touched it, and said it was “cool,” reports the New Zealand Herald. Though Alistair plans on letting his hair grow again, he will happily shave it off again if his daughter ever wants to see it. Charlotte’s mom, Anita, explained to the New Zealand Herald that she wasn’t surprised when her daughter was diagnosed, due to the fact that she had a cochlear implant and her son, eight-year-old Lewis, wears hearing aids.

So far, the implants have been incredibly beneficial and have greatly improved little Charlotte’s quality of life. After the first implant was installed, Anita noticed a huge difference in Charlotte’s behavior, noting that she transformed into a “social butterfly.” Alistair told Buzzfeed, “It has changed her life being given the gift of sound.” Our hearts. 

Since posting the picture of his new tat alongside his daughter’s real implant on Tuesday, the picture has been totally blowing up. The LAD Bible shared it on their Facebook page, where it has been received over 67,000 likes and been shared over 3,000 times. “Parenting done right,” one user commented. “Top bloke. One of my [favorite] things is to see a loving father to his kids,” another user commented.

We totally agree. One thing’s for sure: Charlotte will never be alone, thanks to her loving and devoted parents.

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