Dad accidentally records his Vegas vacation on selfie mode. Oops.

Don’t you just love parents and technology? Give them credit because they’re trying very hard to learn all these newfangled contraptions with all sorts of buttons and filters. Love them even more when they try so hard to make you proud with a new device, and fail so magnificently that it’s actually amazing in the end.

Dad Joseph Griffin recently took a trip to Las Vegas, and brought along a GoPro that his son, Evan, had given him. You know how parents love to show off their vacation pictures, right? Well, that’s what Dad Joseph planned to do, except that when he turned the GoPro on, he accidentally had it facing at himself the entire time. Are you ready to watch his vacation not from his own eyes, but staring right into his eyes? That’s exactly what happened.

Evan writes on the YouTube video, “my dad [is] being my dad,” and while he’s trying so hard to capture the beauty of Las Vegas, instead he captures the inside of the hotel room (with Mom Griffin hanging out in the background). Then walking down the Strip, the buildings behind him certainly look pretty, and you can tell that Dad’s taking it all in. Because we can see him. And nothing else.

Combine it with the Benny Hill theme song, and this is actually an amazing vacation video. The part on the monorail might be my favorite. Check out the video below, and I can’t wait to see where Dad Griffin goes next.

Image via YouTube