The MTV ‘Cribs’ episode we’ve been waiting for is here, thanks to this hilarious dad

So you’re going to have a baby—yay!—and all your friends want to see a vid of the amazing nursery you and your partner have set up for your soon-to-be lil’ munchkin. Well, now you can’t just make any old boring old tour video. The Canatellas have ensured that by raising the bar for all expectant parents EVER by making the most hilarious nursery tour video in the world. That’s right: they’ve created an epic MTV throwback by making their nursery tour into a more literal version of Cribs.

For those of you who weren’t big on MTV in the 2000s, Cribs was a hilariously over-the-top show featuring musicians, models, actors, and other pop-culture hot-shots showing off their crazy mega-mansions. . . but not their actual baby cribs. “The show was big when we were in our teenage years for sure and we watched a lot,” 29-year-old Bryan Canatella explained to ABC News. “I remember watching it at home.”

The MTV throwback vid was actually not the brainchild of Bryan, but of his wife, 28-year-old Caryn. “I was going to do just a normal tour but [Caryn] said, ‘Let’s do something different,’” Bryan said. “We just went with it and had a lot of fun with it.”

And it was a TOTAL success. The video, filmed by Caryn, features Bryan giving a hysterical tour of baby Cecilia’s nursery with Cribs music playing in the background. The fast editing and music totally give us a retro MTV vibe. And TBH, we’re kinda jealous of her crib. It’s pretty sweet. Like, it’s got a library. . .

And pretty fab decorations. “We got one of our core values emblazoned on the wall,” Bryan says in the video, “’cause we just don’t want her to TAKE LIFE TOO SERIOUSLY.” LOL.

Bryan, a wedding videographer, already had a viral video on his hands back in February, when he filmed his family’s reaction to his heartfelt video pregnancy announcement. So we shouldn’t be too surprised that the couple would get creative on camera all over again. Awesome baby-related videos are kind of their jam. Watch the entire “Cribs” video and see for yourself.


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