Best dad ever makes (even more) rad eye-patches for his daughter

Father’s Day is coming up, and it seems like the right time to commemorate one in particular whom we all know and love. Remember Redditor Gfgrubb (Geof Grubb, otherwise known as the best dad ever) who we talked about last December? Well, in case you don’t, we’ll give you a quick refresher. Geof’s adorable daughter, Layla, was born with a cataract that interferes with her vision. In order to ensure that her eye continues to develop and her vision doesn’t get worse, doctors instructed the family to have Layla wear an eye-patch for two hours a day.

Now, of course, wearing an eyepatch is traumatic for ANYONE—but for a very young child, it’s got to be particularly confusing and emotionally trying. So, in order to make Layla feel better about her eye-patch, her dad has been drawing adorable things on them—like monocles, robot eyes, and Super Mario Brother characters.

The custom eye-patches first got attention when he posted them to Reddit in December—and yesterday, he posted an update, about six months later. Yep, Layla, now a one-year-old, still has to wear the patches and has had to for the past eight months—but SuperDad is still making said eyepatches totally awesome.

Luckily, her vision has been developing very well. “We try to keep it part of her regular routine so it bothers her less,” Geof told Mashable. “After all these months, most days she doesn’t even notice it.” Though she enjoys the patches, her favorite time is “when she gets to take it off,” he tells Mashable.

We totally get that, but these eye-patches are pretty darn amazing. After Christmas, Layla rang in the new year in style:

Great Scott, we love this Back to the Future creativity:

She was quite happy to be matching with her bud (this one was her favorite, Geof told Mashable):

But sometimes, the eye patches needed extra props to be truly complete. For example, here, Layla requested some googly eyes:

And here, a creative hat was needed to for Layla to use the force:

Can’t forget about everyone’s fave emoji!

These are just a few of our faves—you can see the rest here.

We are so touched by this amazing dad who is making the best out of a hard situation. Not only is he an excellent and creative artist, but he’s using his talent to put a big, giant smile on his daughter’s face. A very happy Father’s Day to you, Geof—you deserve it!

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