This dad responded to his daughter being bullied in the most beautiful way

We’ve still got a lot of September to go, but we’re going to be cautiously optimistic and say that this month is killing it in regard to combatting bullying. First, there was Ally Del Monte and her #BeBrave movement. Now, there’s Khari Touré, and his answer to the age-old question: What is the best way for parents to respond to bullies?

It’s a tougher question than it may seem on the surface. On one hand, parents want to protect their children and confront the issue, but that requires a delicate approach and may involve a host of people including school administrators, the child doing the bullying, and that child’s parents. On the other hand, they can’t simply sit by and hope that the problem will go away.

That’s the exact predicament Touré faced when his daughter, Nia, came home and told him she was being bullied in school. According to A Plus, the Oakland, CA author and spoken word artist did what you’d least expect, and his response is getting A LOT of attention.

To address the bullying his daughter faced, Touré wrote a song, filmed a video, and posted it on YouTube. The song, called, “Love Yourself,” is directed at all his daughters, and encourages self-esteem and positivity in the face of name-calling and bullying.

The song’s chorus is something of a modern “sticks and stones” nursery rhyme. It touches upon how a bully’s words won’t affect the person being bullied, but with an added emphasis on having a positive self-image:

I’m beautiful
I’m worthy
And those mean words
Can’t hurt me
I’m priceless
I’m smart
And I love myself
I’m focused on my health

Not only does “Love Myself,” show children that they are valuable and that they should have a high self-worth, it also specifically encourages body positivity.

There will be people who criticize
Bullies who talk about your weight, color, and size
But beauty comes in every size, color, and shape
And your beauty can’t be measured with that measuring tape
Your worth isn’t determined by your weight

Touré goes on to say, “So treat yourself like somebody you love… And get rid of any thoughts that say you’re not enough.”

Posted on August 31, the video already has well over a million views, and no wonder: it’s on its way to becoming an anthem for self-love, and one that we will be listening to any time we need a boost of positivity for weeks to come.


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