Hero dad caught on hidden camera flawlessly dancing to Katy Perry

There’s a dad who loves dancing to Katy Perry just as much as his two young kids love dancing to Katy Perry. Maybe even more. And it’s so fantastic. The kids’ mom set up a camera in their living room so their grandmother could see them when they do cute things (like dance to Katy Perry with their dad). But she got way more than she hoped for when her husband walked into a Katy Perry dance party he couldn’t not take part in.

Dad doesn’t hesitate to put down the laundry basket and dance his heart out to Katy Perry’s E.T..  He even knew every word. As the baby bopped up and down in a baby bopper seat thing (I’m assuming it has a name, but I don’t have kids yet, so my brain hasn’t learned it), Dad and his little girl did some serious dancing with pom-poms. All three of them were having the best time.

The best part happens at the end when Dad does a pom-pom drop. Who needs a mic when you have a pom-pom?

(Featured image via YouTube)


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