Dad catches daughter in the cutest “crime” we’ve ever seen

Driving in the wintertime can be pretty tricky. If you live in an area that can get pretty cold, you need to be aware of all the constantly changing conditions.

And if you’re a toddler who’s likely just mastered the art of walking, driving can get even more dangerous for you.

And this adorable video of a little girl who’s toy car was stuck in a snowbank is absolutely melting our hearts.


While it would be cute enough if it was just a standard chronicle of another play day incident, the dad pretends to play police officer and “catches” the little one. With her sippy cup in hand and her general disinterest in his accusatory line of questioning, he pretends that she’s had a few too many sippy cups and her lack of response is an obvious admission of guilt.

His daughter remains pretty casual throughout the video while the father calls in the “crime” and attempts to stay calm throughout the situation’s “escalation.” And, to her credit, she does some pretty intense mugging directly to camera to show just how unapologetic she is about her current situation.


The whole video is pretty short but packed with tons of LOLs. It’s a reminder of just how fun it is to see dads and daughters interacting in such a delightful way (not to mention how hilarious it is to see little kids doing grown up activities).

Listening to this goofy father and seeing his cutie-pie daughter will definitely give you an extra-fun laughter break to help you through your day.

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Father Catches Daughter Drink Driving

Father catches daughter drink driving in her new car…Provided by ViralHog

Posted by The LAD Bible on Sunday, July 17, 2016