This dad has a genius way of getting his baby to eat. Cue Lionel Richie.

A dad in Hopatcong, NJ sings to his one-year-old son every chance he gets, and his son absolutely loves it. It doesn’t hurt that his dad has an incredible voice—and a gift for adapting famous pop songs into tunes about snacking.

Charles Flartey started singing to his son Tommy about food while feeding him, and realized that his son is super into eating with the help of a little background vocals. So he continued singing, and his son continued loving it. Flartey decided to shoot a video of himself singing to Tommy, then posted the video to YouTube as a “little joke.” In his original video, “Jell-O”, Flartey sings about, yep you guessed it — Jell-O, to the tune of Lionel Richie’s song, “Hello”, and it’s possibly the most adorable version of the song ever to exist.

He posted the video to Facebook, and his friends loved it so much and urged him to create a YouTube channel of videos where he’s singing about food to his son. So he did, and the response has been huge. One video alone got over 100,000 views. He has since put up more videos of himself singing to Tommy about food, and they’re all perfect. To mix it up, he incorporated more artists like Gwen Stefani, R. Kelly, The Temptations and Wu-Tang Clan. Because if anyone’s music can get a baby to eat food, it’s Wu-Tang.

Flartey stays at home with Tommy during the days and works as a bartender in the evenings, according to He has a music background and has “sung in a few bands” and recorded “some hip-hop stuff.” Since his quick rise to YouTube fame, he has made appearances on TodayGood Morning America and Inside Edition. He says he finds it funny that, “I’ve been making music for 15 years, and this is the thing that gets attention,” he told

Either way, he’s probably not not mad about it. And from what we can tell, Tommy isn’t either.

Check out original video:

(Featured image via YouTube)