The costumes at D23 (that massive Disney convention) were incredible

Another D23 has come and gone. The giant Disney convention wrapped up its three days of magical panels at Disneyland on Sunday, and now we’re going to have to wait another two whole years for the bi-annual event to come back around. At least this gives us plenty of time to work on our own jaw-droppingingly amazing costumes, to compete with the jaw-dropping, truly fabulous looks of 2015.

Just like many other fan conventions, D23 has some incredible cosplay going on. It might even be the best cosplay, because everything is all about Disney, of course. Wanna dress up like your favorite princess? Or pirate? Or obscure character from A Goofy Movie? You can, and you’re going to find yourself among thousands of other fans, who love those same characters, too.

Also, Disney fans are creative. Like, insanely creative. If there’s one thing Disney fans love more than just dressing up as their favorite character, it’s mashing-up two of their favorite characters. Oh the endless costume possibilities.

So while the long wait for the D23 in 2017 begins, we are beginning to brainstorm some new and exciting wardrobe opportunities by going gaga over the creative looks from this year. Plus, it’s never too early to start daydreaming about the next Disney trip, right?

There were plenty of princesses out at D23, but they weren’t princesses we see all the time. How about beginning-of-the-movie Cinderella, and then pink-dress Cinderella?

OK, what about Ariel as a mermaid, and then Ursula-as-Vanessa with the starfish on her face? Yup. D23 had that, too.

The most popular Disney movie right now has to be its most recent: Inside Out. Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust were out in full force (and major props to all the Sadness-es who actually lay down on the floor).

Now that we’re thinking about it, An Anger and Hawkeye buddy-movie would actually be pretty great.

Do you see the hat? This is MRS. NESBITT.

Have you ever seen an elephant fly?? Well, now we’ve got two Dumbos, and Timothy Mouse (times two). The more, the merrier.

The Disney parks were also represented at D23. Gotta show Disneyland and Magic Kingdom a little love, right? Check out these amazing Hitchhiking Ghosts from The Haunted Mansion (complete with the Hat Box Ghost, for those of you who know your Haunted Mansion history).

Then, there are the mashups. So take one character, and combine that with another character. How about . . . Jedi Woody?

Ever thought about what would happen if Gaston and Wolverine were one in the same? All the yes to this one.

And finally, the best mashup we’re ever going to see: Beauty and the Beast and Star Wars. We’ve got a Belle/Leia mix. The Beast is now Chewbaca. And Lumiere? A golden C-3PO candelabra. Oh Disney brilliance, you make our heart sing. 

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