These “Legally Blonde”-inspired accessories will make you want to bend and snap

We always love great movie-inspired products, as Mean Girls and Frozen makeup finds were among our favorite launches this year. And now, we can happily add Legally Blonde to the list, because CZND has partnered with MGM & Elizabeth Banks’ WhoHaha to launch these adorable Legally Blonde-inspired collection Elle Woods would approve of.

The new CZND and Legally Blonde collaboration will allow you to rev up your home, office, and closet in pure Elle Woods fashion. That means you can enjoy caps and notebooks with fun slogans from the iconic film like “Bend and Snap” and, of course, “What, Like It’s Hard?”

And with Christmas right around the corner, CZND is also releasing a fun Legally Blonde Box ($55) which comes with a notebook, pin, and mug, alongside a set of pencils and a special “Bend & Snap” hat. Trust us, this definitely for the Legally Blonde quoting bestie in your life.

To give you a closer look at CZND’s super adorable items, here are six Legally Blonde accessories from the collection you’ll want to check out. And even if you haven’t seen this movie (really?), these adorable products are suitable for any millennial pink devotee.

1Legally Blonde Box, $55


Filled with five different items, this special Legally Blonde box is a must-have for the holiday season.

2“Bend and Snap” Notebook, $15


This fun notebook makes the perfect holiday gift.

3“Bend and Snap” Mug, $16


We may have plenty of mugs in our cabinet, but this is must-have for Legally Blonde fans.

4“What? Like It’s Hard?” Mug, $16


We’ll just add this one to our cart as well. You can never have too many mugs.

5“Bend & Snap” Hat, $28


But if you prefer another fun Legally Blonde slogan, this “Bend & Snap” hat will surely do the trick.

6“What? Like It’s Hard?” Notebook, $15


This cute notebook will definitely dress up your desk à la Elle Woods.

For lovers of pink or anyone obsessed with all things Elle Woods, the lovely CZND Legally Blonde collection is worth checking out.

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