Miley Cyrus does NOT like the cutesy Instagram Liam Hemsworth just posted of them

Miley Cyrus is less than pleased with the picture her beau Liam Hemsworth posted to Instagram Tuesday.

Hemsworth, the Australian actor who began dating Cyrus after the two met on the set of Nicholas Sparks’ The Last Songposted a black and white photo to Instagram featuring the couple sitting together on a sofa.

"My little angel and I," he wrote, in what might be the cutest display of public affection we've seen from the man.

While Miley was no doubt pleased with Hemsworth’s sentiment, she had something to say about her boyfriend’s image choice.

The singer was seemingly less than thrilled about her portion of the photo.

"Why. This. Picture. lol," Cyrus wrote, in one of 3000+ comments on the photo.

We think she looks cute, tbh.

Anyone who’s EVER been tagged in an unflattering photo can surely relate to Cyrus’ comment. However, unlike those of us who can quietly untag ourselves from any unflattering photos, Hemsworth’s photo was posted for millions of eyes to see.


Cyrus and Hemsworth began dating all the way back in 2009. Though their relationship has endured its ups and downs, they are reportedly back together again and happier than ever. Cyrus has said that her hit love song Malibu is about their relationship.

Whether their photos are flattering or not, they certainly make a cute couple.

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