What are Cynthia Nixon’s political views? She promises to fight for a “more equal New York”

It’s official: Cynthia Nixon, former star of Sex and the City, is running for governor of New York. And while we’re stoked to see the actress who brought Miranda Hobbes to life dipping her toes into politics, we are wondering: What are Nixon’s political views?

Unlike the former president with whom she shares a last name, Nixon is not a Republican. Instead, she will face incumbent Governor Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary race this fall. But just because they share a party doesn’t meant the two have the same political agenda. Nixon and her wife are strong supporters of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is more liberal than Cuomo. And in her official campaign announcement yesterday, Nixon referred to the current governor as a “centrist and an Albany insider.” With all that in mind, it’s likely that Nixon will run as a more progressive counterpart to Cuomo. Her website, Cynthia for New York, describes her as a “progressive advocate” and says she will work for a “better, more equal New York.”

As far as her stance on individual issues goes, Nixon has long been a supporter of public education. She met her wife while campaigning for smaller class sizes, and she has been worked with the Alliance for Quality Education, which fights for better funding for public schools.

Nixon is also a champion of LGBTQ rights. In 2011, she lobbied state legislators as part of the effort to legalize same-sex marriage. And she has also been honored for her activism by both GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign. On top of her support of LGBTQ rights, she is also pro-choice and has written editorials expressing her support of Planned Parenthood.

Aside from these social issues, Nixon is also passionate about public transit. Her website states that she takes the subway every day and that, if elected, she will focus on repairing the subway system.

With her track record of social progressiveness, we’re excited to see Nixon making the leap into politics. We wish her the best of luck in her campaign for governor of New York.

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