Cynthia Nixon says every “Sex and the City” story was based on truth, and we totally believe it

Sex and the City was raunchy, honest, and full of women doing what they wanted. And we loved it. The successful HBO comedy that ran for six seasons became a cultural phenomenon. Its main allure was that the show felt real to its audience. And Cynthia Nixon recently explained that the Sex and the City storylines were based on real life.

Cynthia insists that every plot line that the series followed started with a kernel of truth from something that the writers or someone they knew experienced. And we can totally see that, because the show really felt real. That was our favorite part. That, and the fashion!

Cynthia Nixon explained that everything written into Sex and the City was true, and we love that.

She said, "And that's one of the Sex and the City things – every plot line that happened literally happened to someone in the writer's room, or happened to someone they directly knew. So even though some of them were fantastical and absurd, it was based on a real thing. And that's the thing, you can dress it up but if it's got the core of truth, people are excited to see it because they recognize it. It feels authentic."

We can’t believe that someone actually got broken up with via a Post-it note or set their Maid of Honor speech aflame. But the show made those moments feel realistic. So the fact that the stories were built on things that did happen explains why the show portrayed them so well.

And the thing Sex and the City nailed best was the importance of girlfriends.

From the brunches to the parties to the phone calls, the writers clearly knew what a real BFF looked like.

She must be fun, awesome, and have an amazing closet.

BRB, gotta re-watch all of Sex and the City STAT!

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