The new merchandise for Cynthia Nixon’s gubernatorial run is downright legendary

Cynthia Nixon has seen all the Miranda jokes being made about her run for governor of New York, and in an iconic move, she’s getting in on the joke herself. The actress-turned-gubernatorial candidate just announced an amazing new line of merchandise being added to her campaign store, and it shows a *lot* of love for her Sex and the City character.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Sex and the City, Nixon teamed up with the ladies behind the popular Every Outfit on Sex & the City Instagram account to pay homage to her iconic character — who, let’s face it, would have definitely have been the most qualified SATC lady to run for governor. 

The gubernatorial candidate has already proven to be a savvy marketer, with quick and witty responses to criticism from Governor Andrew Cuomo — who is facing off against Nixon in the Democratic primary — and his staff, but her SATC line takes things to a whole new level.

The limited-edition line featuring shirts, hats, and bags celebrates the “Mirandas” of New York who are voting for Nixon.

This line seems straight out of Samantha Jones’ PR playbook — with a more low-key Miranda twist.

The SATC line isn’t the only merch in Nixon’s campaign store boasting a little cheek. The store also features the winner of Nixon’s Fix our Subway T-shirt design contest, calling attention to the seriously messy and increasingly broken New York City MTA system. Yes, the subway is *that* bad — Nixon was even late to her campaign launch because of a delayed train.

If Nixon is as committed to this SATC bit as we’re hoping she is, we’re expecting subway ads with a Nixon for Governor twist on the iconic Carrie Bradshaw Twitter meme.

Nixon will face off against the incumbent Cuomo in the New York state Democratic primary on September 13th.