Just a Bunch of Dogs Who Deserve Awards From Humans

Awards shows are no longer just for movie stars, TV stars, musicians, athletes, Broadway performers, and Billy Crystal—they’re for dogs too. The first ever World Dog Awards will happen on The CW in January 2015. For anyone keeping track, that’s right smack in the middle of human Hollywood award season, as it should be. As the title suggests, The World Dog Awards will include dogs from all over the world—heroic dogs, military dogs, selfless service animal dogs, entertainment dogs, and viral video dogs.

The nominated dogs haven’t officially been announced (but they’re all probably anticipating that 4am phone call from their managers), so we decided to come up with some our own nominees because we just can’t control our excitement about it!

This dog welcoming his military Dad home from deployment.

He’s too excited to even put his ball down. I would be too.


This dog who faints from overwhelming excitement.

She hasn’t seen her mom in two years and can’t handle her feelings about it. It’s so adorable and also a little scary. The dog was taken to the vet, and everything was fine. Her heart just felt too much.

This guilty dog.

Because he just can’t hide his guilt. We’ve all been there, Denver!

This dog who can’t handle the repercussions of her mess.

Her brothers ratted her out and didn’t even care.

This teacher dog.

Because someone has to teach the kid how to do things around here.

This really brave dog.

He stole a bone away from a tiger like it was no big deal, and lived to probably do it again.

This hero dog who saved another dog’s life.

The video is a little graphic and hard to watch, but it is really incredible. And everyone survived, so it’s a happy ending.

Vincent—the dog from Lost.

Because I’ve never seen a full episode of Lost, and have absolutely no idea what is happening in the last scene of the show,but cried anyway because of Vincent.


This dog who hates mouth sounds.

And maybe her parents too.


My dog who isn’t great at burying things.

She buries bones with air, but air doesn’t cover things very well.

Featured video and image via Youtube and Shutterstock