CVS no longer sells sunscreen products that have less than SPF 15, and here’s the fantastic reason why

The sun is getting stronger and stronger by the minute as summer falls upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to enjoy the warm weather. However, it’s also an opportune time to double check your skincare routine and make sure it includes plenty of SPF. In an attempt to help prevent skin cancer, CVS will no longer sell products SPF 15 or less. They’re not messing around.

It’s all a part of their new campaign called “Long Live Skin,” which encourages people to treat their skin well and thus take care of their overall health. CVS has partnered up with the American Cancer Society and Johnson & Johnson in an attempt to raise awareness about SPF use and skin cancer.

So they’re tossing out all the products that are SPF 15 and under and replacing them with broad spectrum ones that have at least SPF 30.

The CVS shelves will also include more organic, natural SPF products, as well as ones that have been given the dermatological nod of approval. But that’s not all. Soon enough, at every CVS location, you’ll see a section at the checkout called “Skin Solution,” which is a sign that shows all the dermatologist-approved products for skin conditions like rosacea, acne, and sunburn.

Their hope is that, as we move into the warmer summer months, everyone is protected from the sun and therefore spared of being diagnosed with skin cancer. So stock up on your SPF products, because summer is no fun without them.

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