People are getting tiny tattoos on their cuticles, and they look so pretty

There are always different kinds of tattoos trending, but cuticle tattoos may be the absolute prettiest kind we’ve ever seen. This kind of tattoo is small and delicate, which is a style we love. But the placement is the neatest part. They sit just above the nail on the end of your fingers.

They’re all over Instagram lately, and there’s sure to be a rise in popularity as more people catch on to the idea. You can complement your nail art with a permanent flair! There are also temporary cuticle tattoos in circulation if you prefer a pain-free version. As the trend rises, those may become more available everywhere.

Right now, it’s a look isolated to the daring — because remember, finger tattooshurt. But if you’re willing to brave the pain for artistic gain, these tattoos can be absolutely gorgeous. There are some common designs for it, but you can really customize for whatever feel you want. The designs range from minimalist to maximum impact. Some even incorporate tattoos farther up on the finger itself. It really all depends on the look the tattoo owner wanted.

It’s really fun to peruse all the creative and dainty looks people come up with.

The designs can be simple, like a dot or a dash.

Or more elaborate, like a flower.

They can also include geometric shapes that add a touch of flair to your fingers.

Some people like to accessorize their cuticle tattoo look with rings or other jewelry that plays well with the tattoo itself.

And then there are those who want to incorporate all the different options into one look.

The possibilities really are endless, and the end result is so stinking pretty. Would you ever consider a cuticle tattoo?

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