16 pieces of wedding jewelry that will sure to make you swoon


Curating your dream bridal look is an event in itself. There’s the intense hunt for the wedding gown, then the gorgeous (and hopefully comfortable) footwear, and the decision on whether you want to wear a veil, a flower crown, or a different hair accessory. Then there’s — dun, dun, dun — the jewelry.

Either you’ll want to sashay down the aisle in a statement piece, throw on subtle sparkles, or find something in between. Inspired by trends ranging from cosmic to crystals, we’ve got 16 beautiful baubles to help complete your perfect wedding day outfit.

Mermaid brides


Mermaid locket hair pin, Etsy, $6, Beetle wing earrings, Etsy, $23

For brides rocking mermaid hair underneath their veils, shimmery sea-themed jewelry only makes sense.

Black diamonds


Black Diamond Choker with Genuine Austrian Swarovski Crystals, Etsy, $38, Smokey Grey Swarovski teardrop stud earrings, Etsy, $44

Black diamond-like jewels are perfect for goth brides who appreciate the darker side of life.



Emerald galaxy earrings, Etsy, $75, Gold leaf and emerald necklace, Etsy, $19

Emerald engagement rings are all the rage, so why not decorate yourself in a little more green?

Something blue


Blue rose gold earrings, Etsy, $50, Sapphire and cream deco choker, Etsy, $45

A sapphire choker like this one will make your “something blue” traditional truly unique.

Art deco


Vintage Art deco bracelet, Etsy, $110, Vintage style bridal earrings, $95

Is your dress serving up some vintage vibes? Art deco-style jewelry will be the perfect complement.

Rose quartz


Celtic gemstone ring, Etsy, $78, Rose quartz earrings, Etsy, $40

Wearing rose quartz, the gemstone of love, is only fitting for your big day.



Oval glass locket necklace, Etsy, $44.50, Gold heart engraved locket, Etsy, $26

Taylor Swift may have kicked off the locket trend, but wearing one down the aisle would be the sweetest homage to your love.



Mother of Pearl crescent moon ring, Etsy, $62,  The Sky Blue Moon Collar, Etsy, $69.99

Any cosmos-loving bride will adore a sweet piece of crescent moon jewelry.