This cute pennant can be useful for many reasons

Did you make a huge mistake and need to swiftly make amends? While a verbal apology is usually best, sometimes a physical token expressing your sincerest regret is the best way to alleviate a blunder. While you can ask always forgiveness via greeting card or Edible Arrangement, why not try something totally different—like a cute pennant from Explorer’s Press that simply says “Sorry.” How can someone deny forgiving you especially if you pop up from behind a piece of furniture waving this tiny adorable pennant around? That is, unless you did something TOTALLY terrible, but I’m trying to be optimistic!

Of course, if you’re someone who RARELY makes mistakes, this pennant can be used in all sorts of other ways! You can tell people you’re just displaying the name of your favorite Justin Bieber song, or it can serve as a reminder for you to stop using the word “sorry” as a placeholder habit. No matter what, with the red heart design and its vintage-looking typography, this Sorry pennant will look cute on your wall no matter what. Sorry pennant, $12

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(Photo via Explorer’s Press.)