I Tried the Newest Gender-Free Sex Toy Line—And My Orgasms Have Never Been the Same

There are three different toys to choose from.

No doubt the sex toy industry has a gender bias problem. Even the most popular toys have old, tired names like the Womanizer, Miss Bi, Mr. Boss, and Guybrator, and oftentimes pleasure products are grouped into categories like “sex toys for women” and “sex toys for men.” 

While queer people are used to using these toys to best suit their pleasure needs, gender-fluid disabled designer Step Tranovich posed a question: What if there were sex toys explicitly made for queer folks?

The answer? A line of gender-inclusive pleasure products made by and for queer folks—and it’s named Cute Little Fuckers (CLF). Read below to find out about these gender-inclusive toys and why you need to add them to your sex toy collection ASAP.

What is Cute Little Fuckers?

Cute Little Fuckers hit Kickstarter in August of 2019, making it the first sex toy to be accepted by Kickstarter in four years. After 12 hours, they hit way above their goal of $13,500 as 400 people pledged a total of $35,481. Impressive, right? 

Fast-forward to August 2020, and the line’s first three toys have officially hit the market: Princette Puppypuss, Trinity, and Starsi.

“They’re all adorable, silicone vibrators that are shaped like cute little monsters,” Tranovich tells HelloGiggles. “Each toy has its own pronouns, gender identity, and is explicitly gender inclusive.” (Starsi’s pronouns, for example, are Starsi.) Each toy is also intentionally designed to be enjoyable for a variety of anatomies and pleasure preferences. 

What are the different Cute Little Fucker toys?

Each of the three toys features the same five vibration intensities and five patterns. So it’s not the vibrational quality that sets them apart; it’s the shape. 

Princette Puppypus

Princette Puppypus may look like just a monster-fied vibrating butt plug, but it’s far more than that. It can also be used as a vaginal plug, external stimulator, and pinpointed sensation toy. Personally, I like pressing the smooth rounded head against my perineum—that’s the pinch of skin between my vagina and anus—while using my fingers on my clit.  

The best part? Unlike many bite-sized vibrators on the market, Tranovich says, “Princette Puppypus is ergonomically designed so that people with hand and grip issues, like me, barely have to hold onto it.” 

princette puppypus vibrator

Princette Puppypus

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Trinity is similarly versatile. Six inches long and shaped like a dildo that a character in Nickelodeons’ Aaahh!!! Real Monsters might use, Trinity is a G-spot vibrator, prostate stimulator, and anal-safe vibrating dildo all in one. The two little protrusions (named Tripp and Trine, respectively) are designed to stimulate internal hot spots like the A-spot, G-spot, and P-spot, explains Tranovich. 

You can maneuver Trinity with your hand during solo or partnered play. Or, pop this babe in your go-to harness: The flared base allows it to be used for both pegging or strap-on play. 

My favorite way to use the toy is to pop the bullet vibrator out of Trinity and into the vibrator pocket in my SpareParts Joque Harness. Then, I use Trinity during strap-on sex the way I would any ‘ole dildo. 

trinity sex toy vibrator


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My personal favorite product in the CLF line is Starsi. As a textured external vibrator, Starsi can be held or placed over external genitals to stimulate a large surface area. Tranovich says a lot of people enjoy also placing Starsi on the mattress and grinding against the toy face-down. 

But do you prefer a more pinpointed stimulation? You can also angle one of Starsi’s points against your bits for more targeted stimulation. “Due to the location of the vibrator in Starsi, each of the points provides a slightly different vibration gusto, allowing users to truly individualize the sensation,” says Tranovich. Customizability for the win! 

My favorite way to use Starsi is to pop it inside a harness so that the textured bits press against my skin. Sometimes I do this during a bit of gender solo play, stroking a dildo as if giving myself a handjob while Starsi stimulates my bits. Other times I do this during partnered play, transforming my dildo of choice (the Fun Factory Limba Flex Dildo) into a vibrating dildo. It’s pretty genius, if I do say so myself. 

Tranovich tells HelloGiggles that Starsi was designed with transfeminine folks in mind. “Transfeminine folks—especially non-opp transfeminine folks—are super underserved in the sex toy market,” they say.

Because it fits well in your hand, Starsi allows transfeminine folks to simultaneously cover and stimulate their genitals. “The smooth, vulva-like feel of the back of the toy allows people with gential dysphoria to map their genitals while using it,” says Tranovich. Hello, gender euphoria! 

starsi external vibrator


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Which Cute Little Fucker toy is best for me? 

IMHO, if you can afford the three-pack—cutely dubbed “The Poly Pack”— which is currently on sale for just $199.99, then that’s the move. Think of it this way: Usually a single luxury sex toy will set you out two C-notes. By getting the combo pack, you’re basically getting three sex toys for the price of one. 

If you’re on a budget or your sex toy collection is already pretty robust, which sex toy you buy should be determined by which shape is most suited to your pleasure preferences. 

Are you a fan of deep vaginal or anal penetration? Opt for Trinity. Do you enjoy a feeling of anal fullness or looking for a toy that fits easily between bodies during partnered play? Get Princette Puppypus. Are you team external stimulation? Buy Starsi.

And if you’re still learning what types of sensation you like, get the toy that you’re most aesthetically drawn to. After all, you’re most likely to play with a toy that makes you excited.

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