These cute leather animal bags are so gorgeous and adorable and we want them all immediately

We don’t know if you guys were planning to buy us presents this holiday season (aww, we love you too!) but if you were, these adorable animal bags by Krukrustudio wouldn’t be the worst way to go. In fact, they might actually be the cutest thing we’ve seen in a long time and we definitely would not be sad to find any of these incredibly precious bags gift wrapped with our name on it. The brand’s creators, Max and Lyuba, are from Russia, and are clearly our new heroes.

Max explained on Bored Panda why they do this magic that they do:

Why bags? Because everyone needs a bag! Wool felt that Lyuba found was perfect for experimenting and we spent about two months making quite classical style bags for our friends and for local shops. Until we realized that the felt provides great opportunities for modeling all kinds of shapes and unleashed our creativity.

IT’S TRUE, MAX. Everyone does need a bag. Specifically, we now realize, we need these bags. OMG check them out. The cuteness is overwhelming:

Sleeping fox leather bag is to die for

This cat bag that is so cute, we literally wish it was a real cat

This stunning brown leather deer bag is EVERYTHING

This orange sleeping fox bag needs to get into our closet immediately

This tiny polar bear pouch is almost too precious to handle (but we totes still want it)


There are seriously so many more. You must check out Krukrustudio’s Etsy shop. You can thank us by buying us something there.

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