This is why so many zoos are tweeting adorable photos of tiny and cute animals today

We can’t deny that the news has been pretty serious lately. There’s a lot happening and a lot we need to know about, but sometimes we need something adorable to break up the bummer. But don’t worry, zoos all over the country created a cute animal tweet off that will absolutely make your week.

The adorableness started when the Smithsonian National Zoo announced the birth of a new gray seal pup. That picture launched SO many adorable pictures. Because after that image was released, museums from around the country responded to the challenge by tweeting their own adorable animal pics. And all of us came out as the winners.

Here’s the adorable seal from the Smithsonian that started the #CuteAnimalTweetOff.

An ingenious Virginian on Twitter challenged her local museum, and they responded.

That awesome response set off the most adorable tweet off ever.

As other zoos started to join in, the pics just got cuter.


Although this GIF of a baby otter may take the cute animal cake.

Thank you, zoos across the country, for bringing us this incredible day of cuteness. We will be staring at these for the rest of the week, because we just can’t look away.