Why The Current Cast of SNL Matters More Than You Think

This season of ‘Saturday Night Live’ might be remembered as the season Seth Meyers headed to ‘Late Night.’ But it should be remembered as the first time in the show’s 39-year history that it had seven (yes, seven!) female cast/featured players in rotation in one season. And the best part? They’re all fabulously fantastic! It’s impossible to pick a favorite.

As we get ready for the season finale this weekend, hosted by former cast member (and laugh riot) Andy Samberg, let’s take a quick look back at this season’s top notch female cast members.

Cecily Strong

Cecily Strong gets huge bonus points for creating three of my favorite current characters on the show: ‘The Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party,’ the ditzy-porn-star-turned-pitchwoman and half of the teen gabfest ‘Girlfriends Talk Show.’ And she’s a natural behind the ‘Weekend Update’ desk.


Nasim Pedrad

I could watch Nasim Pedrad do her Arianna Huffington impression for hours on end. It’s that good. Her Kim Kardashian is stellar too. And I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely check out Coachella with Pedrad’s underground rocker character, Lil Blaster.


Aidy Bryant

Aidy Bryant is ‘SNL’s unsung comedy hero. Her comedic timing is on par with the ‘SNL’ greats: Chevy Chase, Jan Hooks, Will Ferrell. Yes, it’s a bold statement. And yes it’s absolutely true. She’s really, really good.


Vanessa Bayer

From Miley Cyrus to Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy, Vanessa Bayer’s impersonations do not disappoint. And her ditsy-porn-story-turned-pitchwoman alongside Cecily Strong is a must-see.


Noel Wells

Though we haven’t seen much of Noel Wells, it’s clear she’s got the ‘SNL’ chops. Her impression of Lena Dunham in the ‘Girls’ digital short is spot on. Really looking forward to what she does next season.


Sasheer Zamata

The most recent addition to the cast is Sasheer Zamata—and she’s already nailing it. Though she joined mid-season, she’s making her mark. Just this past weekend she was fab as Michelle Obama in the cold open.

Kate McKinnon

Ms. McKinnon is the best thing to hit ‘SNL’ since Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Her Justin Bieber impersonation alone earns her a spot in the ‘SNL’ Hall of Fame. And much like Kristen Wiig and Amy Poehler before her, McKinnon can turn a decent sketch into a GREAT sketch. Even when she’s not on SNL, she’s killing it. Have you seen her Ellen impression? Love her.


These seven women are making television history—and it’s inspiring to see. And perhaps the best part is how these women don’t seem to be in competition with each other. Instead, they promote and support each other. Kate McKinnon put it perfectly in an interview with the Daily Beast last year: “I think what has emerged is that all of the women are so strong that there doesn’t seem to be one female face of the show. I’m so happy to be a part of this generation, because that’s an exciting development.”

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