“Plopping” is the easiest way to get frizz-free curls. All you need is a T-shirt.

Another summer, another opportunity for perfectly styled hair to frizz up the second you walk out of your house. For those of us with halos over our heads in humid weather, we’ve got a few options: we can totally embrace our look (because, hey, frizz can be rad), we can get a pricey salon blowout, or we can try to recreate that salon look at home with a hair dryer and many, many deep breathing exercises.

What’s that? There’s another option that doesn’t involve heat, money and frustration? It’s called “plopping” and it’s proven pretty effective —and it’s cheap. While “plopping” or “plunking” has been a way to ensure smooth curls for people with really tight curls for awhile, it’s a method that’s recently gotten more popular. Here’s how it works, according to hair guru, Donata White, who posted an instructional video on YouTube.

1. You wash you hair like you would normally do.

2. Rub some product in your hair —whatever you usually use to keep it tame or smooth. White uses a combination of TRESemmé heat-protecting spray,TRESemmé Keratin smoothing serum, and Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner.

3. After evenly combing the product into your hair, you take a T-shirt and slowly place all of your hair into it so it “coils.”

4. Next, you wrap the t-shirt around your hair and tie it in place.

5. Overnight, your hair should transform into smooth, perfectly bouncy curls.

Hello awesome hair.  You can watch the instructional video in its entirety right here.

But does “plopping” ACTUALLY work? Hell, yes, according to The Gloss and Buzzfeed. Recently, a Daily Dot writer tried it out, following White’s instructions. Writer Jam Kotenko also wanted to see if the method works for humans with non-curly or wavy hair.

While the whole process is a little time consuming, it seems more comfortable than sleeping with hair curlers. Plus —the results looks AMAZING. Jam’s “plopping” curls are swoon-worthy.

OK, we’re sold. BRB, replacing our curling irons and blow dryers with T-shirts.

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(Images via Primal Beauty Queen on YouTube, The Daily Dot)