Ouch! Here’s what happens when you sneeze when you’re curling your lashes

There’s an age old saying that goes, “Beauty is pain.” Of course, this saying is a bit out dated and, really, these days beauty shouldn’t be about pain at all. In fact, beauty should be about everything but pain, right? It should be about comfort, feeling fabulous and you doing you. Well, that’s what this one woman thought until her whole world was turned upside all due to a sneeze.

Reddit user Aub3912 was using her eyelash curlers, as you do when you want your lashes to pop.

However, in the midst of making her eyelashes look perfect, she was overcome by a terrible urge to sneeze. The result is the most horrifying thing we’ve seen in ages.

As the sneeze over took her, Aub3912 lived through the horror of all horrors – she pulled out her eyelashes.



“I really thought I ripped my eyelid off,” she wrote on reddit.

Things looked pretty bad for a moment, as her eye was red and sore.


If we’re being honest, at this point we’d be crying, screaming, and probably in such a state that we’d need to have a lie down.

However, Aub3912 wasn’t put off by this cosmetic catastrophe. Instead, she decided to own the situation.


We’re super impressed that she decided to get on and just her life without her eyelashes. And we think she looks pretty great, all things considered. Don’t you?

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