Whoa: There may be a cure for gluten intolerance, says science

People who are allergic to gluten may soon be saying pass the beer and pizza – all thanks to the magic of science.

Celiac disease, which causes an allergic reaction to the gluten naturally found in wheat and barley-based food, has up until this point been devastating for those who love anything made with those ingredients. It can cause severe stomach pain, cramping and opens up a whole host of risks to sufferers who don’t cut gluten out of their lives.

But, according to Quartz, scientists at the University of Alberta in Canada have been working on a supplement that supposedly blocks the gluten component that’s difficult for those with celiac disease to digest.

But how does science do it? The key lies in the yolks of chicken eggs, according to university professor Hoon Sunwoo, telling Quartz that the supplement “binds with gluten in the stomach and help(s) to neutralize it, therefore providing defense to the small intestine.”

They’re hoping to start a trial this year and have it on the shelves of pharmacies as an over-the-counter supplement in another three.

We should note – this is for actual sufferers of celiac disease, not for those hoping to take their aversion of all things gluten to the next level.

In any case, way to go, science!

(Image via NBC)


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