We finally have a premiere date for the new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and we’re pret-tay, pret-tay pleased

Everyone’s favorite curmudgeon is finally coming back to the small screen…and we’re having a pretty, pretty hard time controlling our excitement right now.

A teaser for the upcoming ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm dropped today, along with an announcement that the show’s premiere date is set for October 1st on HBO. So all of you small talkers, stop-and-chatters, and non-coaster users out there, take cover. LD is not going to be holding back.


We don’t know a whole lot about the new season, but the few tidbits we do have are solid gold. Like the fact that Lauren Graham (aka our TV mom forever, Lorelai Gilmore), is going to be making a guest appearance — and it’s not going to be the Stars Hollow stuff we’re used to.

“It was the perfect answer to ‘What do I do now?!’ because this character is completely not me at all. I speak in a way that I don’t speak ever," Graham told TV Guide. “All you get is an outline and then you improvise around it. [Curb guest star] Ted Danson was like, ‘This is cable. You can really [let loose]. Think of the craziest thing possible. And my brain so doesn’t work that way.

We cannot WAIT to see that all go down.

Expect familiar faces to return, including Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines, JB Smoove, and Susie Essman (who, we hope, has just grown morefurious with time).

Oh, and 2017 Larry David hasn’t changed. At all.

"Larry is an old white man. I gotta cue him in on certain words and lingos and things that are going on in the world that he may not be aware of. So I have thrown the woke word around him several times," Smoove told Complex. "Sometimes he takes it too literally and tries to correct you as opposed to listening and being woke himself. You know how hard it is to tell somebody to be woke and they ain't woke? He's not woke. So it's hard to tell him to be woke."

We cannot wait for October when the delightful cringefest that is Curb Your Enthusiasm returns.