So we’re pretty sure Crystal Pepsi is coming back (yay?)

If you were old enough to drink soda in the ’90s (or if you’ve read any of the Interwebz plethora of snack-related ‘90s nostalgia posts), you probably remember Crystal Pepsi. You know, the confusing clear version of regular Pepsi that looked like Sprite but tasted like Pepsi. Crystal Pepsi was either a brilliant marketing move, or someone over at Pepsi forgot to add the brown coloring and they just went with it. Either way, like many extinct items from decades past, Crystal Pepsi has a widespread cult following. Also like many extinct items from decades past, Crystal Pepsi seems to be making a comeback.

The soda was only around from 1992-1993 in the U.S., Canada, and for a short time in Australia, but that one year clearly made a lasting impression on lots of people. Just so you’re clear on the dedication and enthusiasm — empty two-liter bottles of Diet Crystal Pepsi go for $29.99 on eBay, and a poster is right now going for $1,450.

Crystal Pepsi fans are devoted. So devoted, in fact, that the Cult of the Once and Future Pepsi is a group that exists. They have spent countless hours sending letters to PepsiCo and relentlessly fighting for one common goal — the return of Crystal Pepsi. It seems their efforts have finally paid off. Maybe.

Kevin Strahle, a professional competitive eater (sounds like the best job ever, by the way), sent this tweet to his fellow Crystal Pepsi advocates:

This is the letter Strahle allegedly received from Pepsi:

So, based on Pepsi’s tease, it definitely sounds like Crystal Pepsi is getting ready to make its triumphant return — which is clearly (that was the last one, promise) a majorly important and exciting update for Crystal Pepsi enthusiasts. Even though soda in general probably isn’t the healthiest beverage decision, it’s still fun to embrace ’90s awesomeness and deliciousness.

Also, will we get the return of ads like this? (Please say, “yes.”)

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