Crystal Pepsi is back (but only for some lucky contest winners)

Calling all ’90s kids! Get ready to rejoice, because Crystal Pepsi is SO BACK. However, you can’t buy it on the shelves — you’ve gotta do a bit of legwork to nab it.

For those of you who don’t totally remember what Crystal Pepsi is, it was a bit of an enigma. Like, it tasted like Pepsi, but it was clear, so it looked like Sprite. It was part of that whole trend where food companies kept changing the color of stuff, and people were like, “WHOAAA THIS IS CRAZY” and bought it (remember purple ketchup?). Crystal Pepsi was only around for year or two — from 1992 to early 1994 — but it left a long-lasting impression on many people, and about six months ago, we heard word that the confusing drink of our ’90s nostalgia may be making a comeback.

A pretty brilliant Pepsi ad posted on YouTube yesterday depicts a Pepsi custodian who discovers the 92nd floor, where dedicated Crystal Pepsi employees have been planning a comeback for the past two decades. It’s an announcement of a Pepsi contest starting tomorrow as a “holiday treat” for Crystal Pepsi fans.

“We have a lot of fans and they’re really enthusiastic and they’ve been asking for Crystal to come back for a long time,” Linda Lagos, marketing director for the Pepsi brand, said in a statement. “We thought it would be special to bring a holiday treat to our fans.”

If you want to get your hands on a 6-pack of this liquid nostalgia, you can enter the contest via the Pepsi Pass app anytime between tomorrow (December 10) and December 11. There will be 13,000 winners chosen.

So does this mean that Crystal Pepsi is coming back for good some point soon? Too early to tell, but a ’90s kid can only hope. Watch the Pepsi ad below and be prepared for a serious blast from the past.

(Image via YouTube.)

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