13 times I cried hysterically during “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

Okay, listen. At this point of my life, I guess I just cry at everything, and it’s not like that’s a BAD THING. People are allowed to cry, everyone is allowed to have feelings, and it seems that recently, I cry the most and have so many feelings when it comes to Star Wars. I won’t even try to deny the fact that I cried so, so much during Rogue One.

While I certainly cried a lot during last year’s Force Awakens, this was a different kind of Star Wars cry. With Force Awakens, I think I was just so overwhelmed with emotions even the tiniest Star Wars thing made me well up. With Rogue One, the events of the movie were legitimately sad, and I just let the water works flow. And listen, I knew I would cry *at least* once during Rogue One. I knew that would happen. I did not expect to just quietly sob through the last 20-ish minutes of the movie.

Here are all the times I cried during the 2 hours and 13 minutes movie, and obviously spoilers ahead. But I also just assume everyone on the planet has seen Rogue One by now.

1. The second the movie opened. I guess just opening title cards of Star Wars movies make me cry.

2. After Krennick took Galen, and Lyra was dead, and Jyn was all alone in her rock bunker, trying to get her light to start. It was too much for my heart.

3, When Bali Organa showed up. I like him.

4. Oh god, the message that Galen sends Jyn via the hologram, and Jyn starts crying and when Jyn cries, we all cry.

5. Jyn’s last moments with Galen, when he says “Stardust” and then says he has so many things to tell her and MY HEART.

6. When the Rebel jumping off of the ship on Scarif yelled “For Jedah!”

7. When Jyn and Cassian have finally located the file they need in the Citadel chamber, and Cassian is like, “how do you know this is the file?” and Jyn goes, “I’m Stardust.” OF COURSE SHE’S STARDUST.

8. That beautiful moment when ONE Star Destroyer crashed into THE OTHER Star Destroyer…and it was so beautiful and perfectly scored I cried.

9. When Cassian asks Jyn if she thinks anyone is listening (can anyone hear us? What was his exact quote? Honestly, I can’t remember because I was TOO BUSY CRYING MY EYES OUT).

10. THAT LOOK Cassian gives Jyn as they’re going down in the elevator from the radio tower, because it’s like he KNOWS what’s going to happen and everything is racing through his mind and you get the sense he wants to tell Jyn something, but he can’t bring himself so, so he just gives her this LOOK.

11. Obviously the biggest cry happened when Jyn grabbed Cassian’s hand on the beach and meanwhile I was like ???.

12. Okay, so all of that is said and done and you’re like “wow what’s going to happen next?” Then suddenly, you realize Rogue One is leading right into A New Hope and OH MY GOD. The nostalgic Star Wars EMOTIONS.

13. Driving home from the theater after watching Rogue One, because I started thinking about the ending again and the emotions just came over me.

Let’s hope Episode VIII isn’t SO SAD.

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