Crush of the Week: New Girl’s Nick Miller

I have some thoughts and feelings and well, mostly I have a lot of feelings about how much I adore the character of Nick Miller on New Girl and I need this space to express them.

First thing’s first: have you seen this week’s episode of New Girl?

No? Get thee to Hulu to watch it because “Cooler” is not only one of the most hilarious and brilliant sitcom episodes in ages, but I also don’t want to spoil one of the best kept sitcom surprises for you.

I can just wait here until you’ve seen it.

*tweedling thumbs* *watching gif sets of Aaron Tveit pronouncing “Enjolras”* *tweedling thumbs again*

Are you back?

Oh! You’ve already seen it. Of course! I just wanted to be sure.

Now that I know for sure that I won’t be spoiling it for you, we can all collectively squee together, “Laura Linney squeeing behind a wall in Love Actually“-style over the fact that Jess and Nick actually kissed.

And they didn’t just indulge in a tasteful peck, either. It was an insanely passionate, fantastically romantic, soul devouring, heart exploding kiss. I would say it’s pretty much the greatest kiss that’s ever been shown on television, but I’ve seen The Notebook screened on television, and no matter how perfect Nick and Jess’s kiss was, nothing in the history of kisses will ever usurp Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams in rain.

But for me, Nick and Jess come close.

Some strange people on the internet have written pieces about how they’re upset that Nick and Jess kissed. Like it’s going to ruin “the sexual tension” or they didn’t see the characters together.

To which I say, “Are you f#%king kidding me?”

Someone at New York Magazine had the audacity to suggest that Nick and Jess have never been set up as a potential couple in the show, which suggests that he’s been watching a wildly different show than I have. I realize that the show is built on Jess, Nick, Schmidt and Winston’s dynamic as roommates, but it’s pretty much been set up since the pilot that Nick and Jess care about each other in a sort of co-dependent way and since this is a sitcom, that means that Nick and Jess are meant for each other.

Okay, I mean, they may not be together at the end of the show and they may not be together forever, but they were kind of destined for at least one hook-up. One singularly perfect and hot hook-up like the one they had last week.

That was a really, really great kiss, right? And Nick Miller is insanely hot.

I mean, Jake Johnson is obviously an adorably scruffy dreamboat and a hilariously intuitive comic performer, which means that by default, Nick Miller is an adorably scruffy hilarious dreamboat. Add to that the fact that Nick is an old curmudgeon in a young man’s body. I know it sounds weird, but there’s something about a grumpy young man that I find adorable. Also, Nick drinks out of thermoses in fancy restaurants and he looks equally great in ladies’ trench coats and dudes’ zip up hoodies. Oh, and he’s writing a zombie novel. Like, all of those things might sound weird individually, but add them all together and you’re kind of describing my dream guy.

But most importantly, he really cares about Jess. Since the beginning of the series, he’s gone out of his way to prop Jess up when she’s feeling bad. He thinks about her feelings. He worries about her. He gets frustrated with her when she makes poor choices. He’s happy for her when she’s happy. It gets to a point when Winston has to pull him aside and warn him that he might be Jess’s “emotional fluffer”. The problem is that Nick can’t help but to care about Jess because he’s a decent, stand-up dude and it would seem that he loves her.

Because that’s what love actually is. I mean sure, it can explode in incredible kisses or be about roses and champagne and fancy, flirty dinners, but true love is quieter. Love isn’t about an exciting kiss as much as it’s about caring about someone and being cared about in return. You want the best for that person and they want the best for you. That’s true love.

And if you also get explosive kisses out of it? Then it’s a true romance.

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