Crush of the Week: Les Miserables’s Aaron Tveit

I would like to say I don’t know how I fell so quickly “in crush” with Les Miserables’s Aaron Tveit, but I do know how. After all, I did this to myself.

So, last week, when I was happily obsessing over New Girl‘s Nick Miller, I stumbled upon a gif set of Aaron Tveit explaining to an interviewer how to properly pronounce “Enjolras” and for about five minutes I was unable to think about Nick Milller because I was staring at Aaron Tveit’s face and marveling at how it moved.

Okay, okay, okay…it wasn’t five minutes.

It was like an entire day.

Fine. It’s been this entire past week.

I mean, some of you may have saw this coming. After all I posted the link to this miraculous gif set in the middle of the Nick Miller article. Some of you have seen it. If you have not, it’s here. And if you want to hear the actual pronunciation of Enjolras, it’s here.

If you are confused as to who Aaron Tveit is and why he is so important to my day dreams, then I have to assume that you don’t find handsome blonde men who can sing, act, dance and correctly pronounce “Enjolras” attractive, which would also mean you are crazy. Okay, maybe you’re not crazy. I’m not in a position to comment on your mental health, but I will say that you are strange and unusual and I cannot understand the way you think.

Like Skylar Astin, Aaron Tveit is an American musical theater actor, which means that there are legions of Broadway enthusiasts who have already been charmed by him. And like Skylar Astin, I had no clue who Aaron Tveit was or why I should care about him until the moment he stole the show onscreen in his first big movie role. For Skylar Astin, the moment was when he started singing “Feels Like the First Time” to Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect. For Aaron Tveit, that moment was every moment he was Enjolras in Les Miserables.

Enjolras might actually be my favorite character in Les Miserables. I mean, yes, I was a massive Eponine fan when I was a teen, but then I waited years for this one dude to like me because I thought it was noble or something, and then I realized it’s not noble. It’s crap. Eponine should have moved on to someone better, or at least left her messed up family in Paris and moved to a small coastal town where she could start her own inn wherein she would make money using her smarts and not by cheating people. Dying for someone isn’t as cool as taking care of yourself.

Basically, Eponine’s great, but like the other characters in Les Miserables, she miserable.

Enjolras actually isn’t all that miserable. Enjolras is righteously angry–which is kind of hot. He’s basically this smart, hot, young guy who is so devoted to a cause higher than himself that he can’t be bothered to worry about whether or not some chick likes him or not. I really like that attitude. The less you worry about whether someone and his freckles like you or not, the more stuff you can get done.

Besides, one of the biggest lessons you learn as you grow up, is as Enjolras bluntly puts, “No one cares about your lonely soul.” Enjolras is willing to lay down his life, but not simply for a person who never gave them the time of day. Enjolras is willing to fight and die for a cause that helps both him and people lesser than himself.

But besides being the guy playing Enjolras in a movie, Aaron Tveit is the guy playing Enjolras while wearing a magnificent wig in a movie. My God, that wig is a work of art. I could stare at the way the curls loop in angelic ringlets around Mr. Tveit’s face all day, but then I wouldn’t also be staring at Eddie Redmayne’s freckles.

Basically, between Eddie Redmayne’s freckles and Aaron Tveit’s everything, lets just say Les Miserables is an experience. A very important experience that I am still hung up on months after seeing it in theaters and it’s pretty much Aaron Tveit’s fault.

Okay. It’s my fault. I did this to myself. I tracked down interview clips of Aaron Tveit and watched them. And yes, I know. No one cares about my lonely soul.

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