Crush of the Week: Chris Pine

I sometimes make the epic error of forgetting about Chris Pine.

How could this happen? He’s articulate. He’s talented. He’s handsome. He’s gallant. His eyes are so blue they are neon blue… He’s Captain Kirk. I mean, he’s literally the captain of the Enterprise. He’s team leader. How can you forget him?

The thing is that Chris Pine is a team player.

If he’s wooing Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement (yes I love that movie), he smoothly lets Anne Hathway shine. If he’s working on making wine in 1970s California (as he does in Bottle Shock), he’ll play the callow youth to perfection, and give people like Alan Rickman the room they need to be…Alan Rickman. And if he’s captaining the Enterprise, and he’s working with Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, and Benedict Cumberbath….he leads the charge to make sure that he doesn’t upstage anyone in a scene.

When he works with awesome people, he lets them be awesome and that’s part of what makes him awesome.

I’ve worked and hung out with (and occasionally made out with) actors for a long time, and it’s extremely rare to find someone who is charming, talented, and gracious to his or her fellow actors. Everyone who performs has a tiny bit of themselves that thirsts for the spotlight. It’s natural. However, very few people can do their jobs well and put their egos in check so as to share the spotlight with their fellow actors and artists. Chris Pine is a really good actor, but he seems to have the strange disposition where he wants to let other good actors shine, too.

And that’s kind of hot.

A friend of mine compared him to a young Harrison Ford recently and I think she’s totally right.

He’s got this earthy sort of confidence that’s really attractive. He’s not too cocky and he’s not self-depricating. He’s aware that’s good-looking and talented, but he doesn’t need to push it in your face.

His unassuming-ness belies how freaking hot he is.

Um…like…have you seen this photo from Details magazine:

I have the vapors. I have all the vapors. I even have Vicks vapor rub vapors–which are medicinal–but I need medicine to cure me from this sickness called “Pine Flu.” It’s this new disease I discovered where looking at Chris Pine in leather pants gives you a straight up fever.

Also, have you seen him in an apron:

I feel something cooking inside of me.

Have you seen him recently with a beard? He looks like a hot Civil War general. I don’t know which side he’s on–North or South–but I’m on it.

Basically, Chris Pine is empirically hot. Sometimes I’m too focused on Zachary Quinto or Benedict Cumberbatch to realize it, but he is.

Chris Pine is as hot as the volcano that Spock is almost stuck in during the beginning of Star Trek Into Darkness. That’s hot how he is. You need some sort of space age anti-freeze to calm you down.

All I’m saying is I need to talk to someone–even if that person is the internet–about how hot Chris Pine is.

Featured photo via fanpop, photo 1 via Details and photo 2 via Disney

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