“Cruel Intentions” is coming back and so is Sarah Michelle Gellar

Stop everything for this ’90s nostalgia alert! We have some major casting news for NBC’s Cruel Intentions TV show reboot. Kathryn Merteuil herself, aka Sarah Michelle Gellar, has officially signed on to the project! Yup—the HBIC is back, and is most likely acting crueler than ever.

Sarah announced the news on Instagram yesterday with an early #tbt post. One half of the pic shows her, director Roger Kumble and executive producer Neal Moritz back in the day on the original Cruel Intentions movie set. And the other half of the pic shows the three on set in the present day. It’s like nothing has changed!

So far, we know that the reboot will tell the story of Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe) and Annette’s (Reese Witherspoon) teenage son Bash Casey, played by cutie Taylor John Smith. So even though Ryan (RIP, Sebastian) and Reese won’t be involved (as far as we know), their spirits will still be present in a way. The story takes place more or less in the present day, 15 years after the 1999 movie. According to Entertainment Weekly, Bash discovers his father’s journal and “embarks on his own path to the world of sex, money, power and corruption.”

Why are we so excited? Because Cruel Intentions was the perfect ’90s movie. The cast included some of our favorite teen idols of the time: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, Joshua Jackson, Tara Reid, and the list goes on. The reboot is a recipe for success: Its pilot will be directed and executive-produced by Kumble, the OG movie’s writer and director. To have SMG on board is icing on the cake.

Oh, and we sincerely hope the show’s theme song will be the movie’s iconic theme, “Bittersweet Symphony” by The Verve. It’s only right.

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