‘Cruel Intentions’ reunion alert! ‘Cruel Intentions’ reunion alert!

The 1999 feels are alive and well today. Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair had a little Cruel Intentions reunion, and their reason for getting together is the best: the trio saw the Cruel Intentions musical in LA.

First thing, were we all aware that there’s a Cruel Intentions musical? Erin Mallory Long was, of course! Second thing, these three love the musical. Witherspoon seems to be the most excited about it, and not only uploaded a picture to Instagram with the caption, “‘Best girls night of the year!!!” she also took pictures during the show, too. While that’s probably frowned on, Witherspoon, we’re going to let it slide because this is the best thing we’re going to see today.

Blair and Gellar also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to reenact their kiss from Cruel Intentions.

Now all of this makes me want to re-watch Cruel Intentions for the billionth time, and also drive off into the great unknowing while listening to to “Bitter Sweet Symphony.”

Also let’s not forget that this was also a mini-Legally Blonde reunion inside of a greater Cruel Intentions reunion. Blair played Vivian, Warner’s new girlfriend at Harvard. Basically, there’s no way this outing could get any better, even if they tried. Well, it probably could get better if suddenly they were to remake Cruel Intentions with the original cast, but that might be too epic for us to handle. We’re fine with just knowing these three are still hanging out 16 years later.

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