Our newest ink obsession: Cross-stitch tattoos

Cross-stitching, like many other crafts, has jumped from its old lady origins to become part of the bonafide DIY arts renaissance, and one of the preferred mediums for our favorite feminist statements. But now, one of our favorite needleworks is getting an edgy update. Introducing: Cross-stitch tattoos.

Turkish tattoo artist Eva Krbdk of Daft Art Tattoo has been specializing in these unconventional tatts for some time, and now the Internet is taking notice. For good reason: These cross-stitch tattoos are the perfect combination of whimsical and badass and artful, and of course, they look pretty great to boot.

Eva’s not a one trick pony though — she can also do those oft-covetable watercolor designs, as well as more traditional tattoo designs.

We’re not saying that we’re thinking about flying to Turkey and getting inked, but we’re not not saying that. In all seriousness, Krbdk’s designs are amazing, and the folks who bear them are clearly happy with their ink. Who would’ve thought cross-stitching and tattoos would go so well together, and which tattoo trend will take off next? (Our money’s on emoji tattoos.)

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